Go out into the world today and love the people you meet. Let your presence light new light in the hearts of people.
-Mother Teresa

The San Francisco Examiner
November 26, 2007


Mike Sawyer a friend of Chipper, but foe of Bully and Brutal Tobacco
February 2008

Hyden, Kentucky 2000

"Pledge for Edge"

   Please consider making this very important pledge right now for the sake of your health, family, and friends.
If you are not 18 years-old be sure to discuss this with your parents.

wins 12 team Georgetown, Kentucky basketball tournament in 2000
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Gavin surrender's cigarettes to Mike Sawyer on July 6, 2006


Cost and priority of smoking



Mike Sawyer near Jackson, Mississippi
Super Bowl  Sunday, 2006
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Big and Brutal Tobacco ask, "Ron: What is going on here"

Please click to see how Mike Sawyer was forced to resign from his State of Alabama job only seven days this Associated Press news story above was captured by Big and Brutal Tobacco.


Please click to read "The Christian and Tobacco" by E.A Mills published by the Wilmore Press in 1951

Send your "I Will Never Use Tobacco" pledge to Mike Sawyer

Mike Sawyer writes
Dr. Ana M. Viamonte Ros M.D., MPH
Secretary & Surgeon General
Department of Health



 Personal thank you note from  Dr. Donna E. Shalala the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services

Published: 02.15.2007


More letters to the Editor

The Tucson Citizen Newspaper
Tucson, Arizona

  'Surrounded by strangers I thought were my friends'

 "Against the Wind" by Bob Seger seems to apply to my life's journey the past 20 years.

 In 1986, as a young mayor, I proposed a public smoking ban for my city. I was laughed at.

 In 1987, I sought to work with a major nonprofit health organization in Alabama. "Too fanatical," the state director told me. 

In 1988, I ran for a county office on a platform of "health consciousness." I lost.

 In 1989, I gave a "tobacco kills" sermon to my Burley, Ky., congregation. Got tossed the next Sunday. 

In 1998, I created a kids and teen sports league called SMOKING KILLS. "Holier than thou liberal," Rush Limbaugh called me during his National Radio Commentary. 

In 2006, I interviewed for a job promoting health while demoting tobacco with a state health department. "Too passionate to work within our bureaucracy," the regional director told me.

 "Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then," Seger sings.

Mike Sawyer

Birmingham, Ala.



Mayor Mike Sawyer starts Worlds First Petition to ban smoking in public buildings.
January 30, 1987

See petition

12-18-1986      Letter from New York City Mayor Ed Koch to Mayor Mike Sawyer

02-03-1987       Letter from New York City Mayor Ed Koch to Mayor Mike Sawyer

11-24-1998     Mike Sawyer addressed the Jessamine County, KY School Board reported in the Lexington Herald-Leader Newspaper


Sawyer created the world's first health promoting kid's baseball team/league name in Kentucky in 1998 with the name SMOKING KILLS

Rush Limbaugh on his National Commentary blasted Mike Sawyer and The Smoking Kills Baseball teams of Kentucky in July of 1998, and Rush chose to replay this on the first Monday of 1999.  Sawyer was able to record a copy of this National Commentary from WLW-AM 700 in Cincinnati, Ohio



Jay Leno joked about Mike Sawyer and the SMOKING KILLS team name on his Tonight Show in 1998.

Paul Harvey reported about SMOKING KILLS team names on his National Radio News Program.

Smoking out the real Rush [Mulshine]
Newark Star Ledger ^ | 10/12/03 | Paul Mulshine


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Oval Callout: Will   you?

Chipper in Gainesville, Florida

Mike Sawyer
January 17, 2006
Red Level, Alabama
Birthplace of US Surgeon General Luther L. Terry




The Louisville Courier-Journal Newspaper
November 21, 1989
Mike on South Broad Way Street
Lexington, Kentucky
Opening day of Tobacco Auction in Kentucky



I Will Never Use Tobacco, Inc 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit

Please click above to donate, if only the cost of a pack of cigarettes or dip.




Tag Wall message by Mike Sawyer on campus of University of Florida
January 6, 2006
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Dear Dad,
It has been 6 months since I last held your hand. 

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Mike Sawyer is not disabled. The wheelchair is an awesome workout tool.

Please don't let tobacco prevent you from being fit!

Mike Sawyer
June 3, 2006



I would love to speak to your corporation, church, youth conference, nonprofit, school, city, and civic organizations on health and fitness. Homeless shelters. Especially state health employees on why we should be "Too Passionate"
Will speak to any Big and Brutal Tobacco stockholder's gathering.

With compassion,

Mike Sawyer
Executive Director
I Will Never Use Tobacco, Inc.501 (c) 3
Birmingham, Alabama



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