Grafting tobacco in Eastern Kentucky

Grafting tobacco on both sides (Did any of the Florida Master Settlement Agreement money invest in these inexpensive but longlasting resources?)

A beautiful home and property in Owsley County, Kentucky

Looking out front window of "backdoor borrow cigarette" home

Roosters adjacent highway

Poolhall owner and shooter. Signs in smokey poolhall "No Foul Talk" and "No Drinking" (my former poolhall owner/gambling days helped me connect here)

"Regular" Baptist in front of pool hall

How many tobacco deaths behind this Kentucky church


Sunday, February 29, 2004 I drove a 78 year-old widow (husband died in his 60's with lung cancer from his long time smoking addiction), over  110 miles east of Lexington, Kentucky into the Appalachian Mountains to visit her dying sister-in-law.

While in the living room of this super nice Owsley County, Kentucky family, that lived in the mouth of a holler, we heard someone knocking on the backdoor of this house. The 18 year-old son went and answered the backdoor knock, then he came back and sort of softy told his dad it was the 11 year-old neighbor boy wanting to borrow a cigarette. This 18 year-old that answered the door told me that this neighbor-boy and his little brother both smoke.

Have you ever had such a request by a 11 year-old boy?

I truly love Appalachian "mountain people" Kentucky people and would compassionately to go door to door seeking pledges for "I Will Never Use Tobacco."  I think that in home setting the commitment might be more meaningful than in a public setting. I think the adults in Eastern Kentucky would be very supportive of this mission. So many youth groups have visited this Appalachian depressed area over the years to, but not with an anti-tobacco outreach. Please share this need with your church or faith-based, corporation, civic group, and college school of public health.

Mike Sawyer


The mission of Kentucky Appalachian Ministry defined below:

Kentucky Appalachian Ministry began in January 1986 as the successor ministry to the Hazel Green Academy, a denominational high school in Eastern Kentucky that closed August 1983 after 103 years of service.

KAM works with 49 congregations and 6,948 participating members in parts of District 6, the Cane Ridge District (8), and District 9; and all of the Hazel Green District (10) and Boone’s Trace District (11) of the Christian Church In Kentucky.


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