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Girls signing "I Will Never Use Tobacco"
Five Points West in Birmingham, Alabama on April 17, 2004

Kids please visit Mr. Santa Claus at

Please visit Five Points West in Birmingham, Alabama with Mike Sawyer  &

Please enter the name, city/state/, and age of the friend or
family member that you know that died from a tobacco smoking addiction death
Send this information to Mike Sawyer at:

Please considering sharing this request with all in your address book, lets put
names behind the over 400,000 Americans that die premature tobacco related deaths annually per the Centers for Disease Control
What about asking your pastor to place
 this information in your church newsletter?

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Butts Litter

Mayor Mike Sawyer enforces a 91-year-old Alabama law that prohibits merchants from selling tobacco
to minors


Secondhand toxic tobacco smoke is harmful to pets


Mike Sawyer visits the Appalachian Mountain area of Eastern, Kentucky
on Sunday March 1, 2004
Discover what the 11-year-old neighbor boy in the holler wanted to borrow at the back door

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Paul Mulshine columnist of the Star-Ledger of
Newark, NJ writes about Mike Sawyer & Rush Limbaugh
October 12, 2003


"Earth won't flush butts," Mike Sawyer stated during Spring Break 2004 at Panama City Beach, Florida.
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Old Crosby Field in Cincinnati, Ohio
May 2000 

Mr. Manuel Yellen

Vice President
P. Lorillard Company
200 E. 42nd Street
New York 17, New York

Dear Manny:

There's nothing like starting them out young!

"Ritchie" is a wonderful little guy and, while he doesn't smoke, he tells me he talks up Newports all the time.'


Nicholas E. Keesley
Senior Vice President


Friday, January 2, 2004, in Hoover, Alabama Andres Aguilas wins a bicycle and Antonia Sosa
wins a Nike T-Shirt
Read about this at 



Former Minnesota Attorney General Hubert "Skip" H. Humphrey III, told Mike Sawyer (no relation to Forrest Sawyer or Diane Sawyer) in a telephone conversation on May 12, 2003, that he fully supported his proposed Panama City Beach, Florida, "I Will Never Use Tobacco" mission work. See proposal


Hunter Sawyer, son of Mike Sawyer (see picture of Mike), founder of this organization fishing at Lake Eufaula, Alabama

"If you don't bite, then you will never get hooked," Joe Cherner


Joseph & cousin Alaasha sign the back of this card on the porch of their Lexington, Kentucky home. Mike Sawyer was giving a painting estimate next door and after get the Mom/Aunt's permission these youth make the pledge to sign and get pictures taken. June 2003.


Senator John Kerry and Joseph Lieberman voted YES on increasing tobacco restrictions.

This cloture motion was on a bill which would have increased tobacco restrictions. [YES is an anti-smoking vote].
Status: Cloture Motion Rejected Y)57; N)42; NV)1

Reference: Motion to invoke cloture on a modified committee substitute to S. 1415; Bill S. 1415 ; vote number 1998-161 on Jun 17, 1998


President George W. Bush has left behind tobacco in all four of his
State of the Union address (s).

You do a word search for tobacco in each of his State of the Unions


Tobacco will terrorize and take over 1, 6000,000 million Americans lives during these
four years according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Yellow journalism continues to help hide tobacco.


State of Union Address
January 19, 1999
by President Bill Clinton

"As everyone knows, our children are targets of a massive media campaign to hook them on cigarettes. Now, I ask this Congress to resist the tobacco lobby, to reaffirm the FDA's authority to protect our children from tobacco, and to hold tobacco companies accountable while protecting tobacco farmers.
Smoking has cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars under Medicare and other programs. You know, the States have been right about this: Taxpayers shouldn't pay for the cost of lung cancer, emphysema, and other smoking-related illnesses; the tobacco companies should. So tonight I announce that the Justice Department is preparing a litigation plan to take the tobacco companies to court and, with the funds we recover, to strengthen Medicare."

State of Union Address
January 28, 1998
 by President Bill Clinton

"Let's do what it takes to bring teen smoking down. Let's raise the price of cigarettes by up to a dollar and a half a pack over the next 10 years, with penalties on the tobacco industry if it keeps marketing to our children. Tomorrow, like every day, 3,000 children will start smoking, and 1,000 will die early as a result. Let this Congress be remembered as the Congress that saved their lives."

 Mike Sawyer addressed the
Selma, Alabama City Council on October 13, 2003, with
his plea for these city leaders to adopt
"Liberation from Tobacco"

Mike Sawyer addressed the
Panama City Beach, Florida City government
leaders at their March 25, 2004 official meeting

Subj: re:I Will Never Use Tobacco 
Date: 5/14/2003 7:34:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)


i will never smoke beause my dad does and his doctor told him that his lungs are not going to last that much longer and i dont want my kid some day to write this about me.



Please help name our anti-tobacco friend Hornet.
(Man o' War Blvd. and Sir Barton Way Intersection @ Lexington, Kentucky
 April 19, 2003, from 11:00 am until 7:00 pm)

See suggested names and more Hornet pictures


Stubbing out smoke donations 

Courier-Mail, published in Brisbane, Queensland,
is Australia's second highest selling broadsheet newspaper.

Australian Labor Leader said, "Mr Latham agreed it was hypocritical for politicians to highlight the dangers of smoking while at the same time accepting money from cigarette companies and said he would take a motion to this effect to the party's national conference in Sydney next weekend. "

Read the rest of Stubbing out smoke donations,5936,8474465^953,00.html



Mike Sawyer signing 87 letters to Vacation Bible School Directors of Kentucky, June 7, 2003
(this desk is compliments of an in store Office Depot display)

Read about

"Churches just start fighting against tobacco,"
by Mike Sawyer
In the Daily-Herald newspaper of Provo, Utah, January 21, 2004






My Tobacco Encounters
June 1, 2003 -- July 2003
Mike Sawyer
Founder & Executive Director
I Will Never Use Tobacco, Inc.

I would love to see your personal encounters with tobacco.

My public support of SMOKEFREE Yeas in downtown Lexington, Kentucky, July 1, 2003 

I appreciate your support for declaring this logo as the international antismoking logo

Excited to share the logo on shorts and shirts.

Georgia parking lot attendant mistakenly, offers me a cigarette

Pictures from tobacco warehouse visit

See handwritten note in Kentucky tobacco warehouse men's latrine

Sunglasses, Car Seat, and Smokes in back-seat of Florida car

A pregnant woman buys a cartoon of cheap cigarettes in Krogers Grocery (my most heartbreaking  encounter) 

Columbus, Georgia cigarette billboards, Legal or Not?

Pentecostal Evangel article featuring "I Will Never Use Tobacco"on June 22, 2003. International circulation over 250,000 weekly


1935 cigarette Kentucky newspaper ad  4 cents per pack

A visit with an Operating Partner of an Alabama restaurant that goes Smoke-Free after 4:00 PM daily for the last 20 months

I mailed out 87 letters to Kentucky Vacation Bible School Directors on June 7, four letters were marked return to sender, as of today only 1 out of the remaining 83 has responded

Corvette Reunion from Bowling Green, Kentucky.
This event needs anti-tobacco coverage


WLEX NBC television affiliate in Lexington, Kentucky asked their daily on Thursday, July 10, 2003:
"Sunrise Question of the Day"
What do you think of President Bush's job performance?
Please click to see my thoughts as they were aired:

Recently, the IRS took 3 business days to answer a nonprofit questioned for I Will Never Use Tobacco, Inc. Mike Sawyer was excited to get a positive ruling on his possible unprecedented question of concern.

A Kentucky corporate Public Relations Director told Mike Sawyer that his corporation can't donate to I Will Never Use Tobacco, Inc. because of the tobacco farmers influence on his corporation.




Can your youth group, church or your business sponsor a Hornet or a real live person?
How about in memory of your relative/friend that died from his/her tobacco addiction?
Call Mike Sawyer 859-229-5958 or Email for tax deductible gift


 I Will Never Use Tobacco

Please add my name
address optional


Signs at work in Lexington, Kentucky, April 8, 2003
See details by WLEX NBC Lexington, KY

Read the recent Lexington Herald Leader story by staff writer Greg Kocher at

After reading the above story please read this by Charles Finney



Subj: RE: Today's Lexington newspaper 
Date: 4/12/2003 10:47:21 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Heya Mike!  8)  What a terrific article!  Next week I intend to refer folks on my NJ list to check out some of your web sites and stuff -- you're doing such wonderfully innovative work that I'm sure has not yet been thought of by NJers; I am certain that they will find your approach inspirational!  I do!  Thanks again for sharing.  ~Wendy




NBC TV Lexington, Kentucky

Subj: Thank You! 
Date: 4/9/2003 8:37:21 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: OhioHighSchoolSophomore
Sent from the Internet (Details)

To whom this may concern,
My name is Crystal  and I'm from Ohio.  I just visited your website and
I think that what you are doing is great!  I learned of the site from a
commercial on tv and actually just went to the site just to see if there
really was one called that.  I just think that it's great how you are speaking
your mind and speaking out about tobacco.  If only there were more people like
you, then more teens would not be using tobacco and killing themselves.  Thank
you again!

Sophomore at
High School

P.S. I would like any more info that you would have or like to know if I can
help you in anyway.  Thanks again!

Mayor Mike Sawyer interviewed by WTVY CBS Television News



Win 100 Buck$
To be given away June 1, 2003
No cost
Click here



Subj: Re:"I Will Never Use Tobacco" 
Date: 4/12/2003 5:18:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

    I am a 14 year old female i have never used any tobacco products(or acohol) i know you are probably thinking i still have plenty of time to use it.I could easily get tobacco products only because i have an 18 year old brother who dips all the time and smokes ever now my mom told him how bad the habbit was but it was too late.He was already hooked.he says he is gonna quit and he says it over and over but he just cant.he has tryed for 2 years off and on never works though. But i hope i will never feel the need to pick up such a harmful habbit.What you are doing is great maybe someday more people will be able to do what you are doing.


Can you find the High-5 in this picture taken at the Fourth of July 1998, Lexington, Kentucky Parade? The National recognized SMOKING KILLS Baseball Team rode in this parade. Please click here for other crowd pictures expressing support to
 SMOKING KILLS Baseball Team.


Only Time We Can Turn Our Backs On Tobacco!

(Picture by Mike Sawyer)

Players from
Winchester, Mt. Vernon, Brodhead, Madisonville, Frankfort, Lexington, Campbellsville, Berea, and Wilmore 1999, maybe the best 13-under all-star baseball team ever in Kentucky (a couple of these could be Professional Baseball Players) .  Number 69 Clint Graham from Campbellsville, KY was 6' 7" as a young 13 and so much coordination
 SMOKING KILLS Baseball 11'S & 12'S won 5 open tournaments in 1999. Corey Hoskins and Hunter Sawyer combined to pitch a perfect game in one of these games.  SMOKING KILLS Baseball 12'S won four games in the Anderson-Dean tournament by the slaughter rule in 1999. The 12's played an unimaginable  six games in one day in the Estill County Open 12-team tournament to win the tournament at Mid-night.

The only time we can turn our backs on Tobacco!



See a youth baseball program by Mike Sawyer



Mark Dunn (directly under trophy) in the fall of 2001, rushed for over 400 yards in one high school game.
These 9 outstanding players represented 8 different Kentucky schools.

14 years and under AAU
Basketball Teams
Created by Mike Sawyer
Coached by Rodney Dunn & Bill Sandlin
Wins 12 team AAU 14-U Scott County,Kentucky AAU Basketball Tournament 2000
(went undefeated in this 12 team tournament)
Wins 8 team Kentucky AAU Basketball Tournament 2000

"I Will Never Use Tobacco"
Please Click for Pledge Table

Pledge Table created 12-31-02

"I Will Never Use Tobacco" (Again)
Please Click for Pledge Table


Estimated over 800 Never pledges since 2000





C.ut U.sing T.obacco, Hollywood!  Directed by Innocent Kids


C.ut U.sing T.obacco! domain name reserved by Mike Sawyer

Should Mike Sawyer protest the 76th Oscar's Ceremony
in 2004
Yes or No  

If Yes can you help?

If you are interested in Up In Love please email:

If you are interested in Cut Using Tobacco (Hollywood)
Please email:


"I Will Never Use Tobacco" Inc.

Make the pledge today!

A non-profit certified 501(c) (3), please contact Mike Sawyer if you can donate to
"I Will Never Use Tobacco," Inc.
Mike will come to your church youth group, VBS,  church camp,
baseball games or anywhere for sign-ups!
Call Mike
859-229-5958 or 205-515-1560

Email Mike at


See Nonprofit Incorporation from Alabama

See Liberty



Boys of Summer Baseball Team from Cleveland, Ohio






Louisville Sluggers sign "I Will Never Use Tobacco" book


Subj: Re: Let Mike Know 
Date: 11/18/2002 1:34:49 PM Eastern Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)


You describe your passion to defeat tobacco as "uncontrolled," not so. You are the most dedicated and thus controlled person I have been privileged to become acquainted with in all my twelve years as an anti-tobacco activist. You have done more with your meager resources than those far better financed.

If some future day someone asks, " who was Mike Sawyer and what did he do for his fellow man," I would answer simply, " he saved a great many people from an early and painful death from a tobacco caused disease."

With respect,
Mossel Bay,
Rep. of South Africa

Date: 12/23/1999 6:13:48 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Dr. Sharad Vaidya)

 I remember famous words of Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Burkitt whose name is connected with Burkitt's Lymphoma. He conducted his research on this lymphoma with just 75 pounds and old jeep to travel across Africa.

"Dollars do not generate ideas but ideas generate dollars"

Almost an anti-tobacco martyr in Kentucky
while preaching a Tobacco Kills sermon
possible martyr as a Christian against tobacco

"Please, No Smoking With Child in Car!"

requested by 2002, CARS, 926 J Street, Suite 523, Sacramento, California, 95814.  The web site for C.A.R.S. is The Students Working Against Tobacco (S.W.A.T.) of Jefferson County, Florida and the Tobacco-Free Partnership Coalition of Jefferson County,  Tobacco-Free Ways of  Tucson, Arizona, Maricopa County Tobacco Use Prevention Program of Phoenix, Arizona, Volusia County Health Dept Tobacco Prevention Center,  Daytona Beach, Florida,. GASP (Group to Alleviate Smoking Pollution) of Omaha, Nebraska, Inc.,  German Cancer Research Center, Im Neuenheimer Feld  of  Heidelberg, Germany. Tobacco Use Prevention Program of  Santa Ana, California, McCowan Tobacco Project of Parker, Arizona, Dixie County Health Dept. Cross City, Florida, Campaign for Alcohol Free Kids, Loma Linda, CA 92354,
 Tobacco Prevention Coordinator, 479 Felmor Road, Yulee, FL 32097

Read how others from all over the world helped create these decals

National P.arents T.eachers  A.ssociation President responds

Founder of "I Will Never Use Tobacco", Inc., Mike Sawyer on the left shaking hand with US Congressman Bill Schuette of Midland, Michigan in Midland in 1988


Hope you and Hunter will have a
Tobacco- Free and Safe Life!



Other sites by Mike Sawyer
Mike Sawyer says to use the Homeless and Panhandlers in fighting evil tobacco.



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