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1 Clifton Corey


6-10-87 Birmingham Playing sports T.W.Sports, A.H. Business My family picture New neighbor bought us a cake Comedy/War N/A N/A–N/A My Dad Don’t Know
2 Austin Kyle 7-27-86 Little Rock, Ark Playing outside T.W. Sports Actor or M.D. My C.D.s & Player Teacher gave me a compliment Comedy Piano Not right now/5or6 Ryan Don’t Know
3 Graham James 6-10-86 Birmingham T.V. W.G. Accountant, A.M. M.D., C.C. Construction or Hunter Pro Golfer Baseballs & glove Parents always saying nice stuff to me Comedy/Action N/A N/A-5 Alex Corona Don’t Know
4 Michael 5-21-87 Birmingham Playing with friends C.C. Homebuilder Business Owner Computer Someone help me when I got hurt Comedy N/A N/A-4 My Dad Don’t Know
5 Tyler Dustin 10-2-86 Birmingham Playing baseball & football K.M Coach, G.B. Baseball,

A.H. M.D.

Sports or Veterinarian Football & Baseball Chase Crawford wrote me a letter telling me how sorry he was when my day died Comedy N/A N/A-6 Chris Mobley Don’t Know
7 Kurt Whitaker 7-23-87 Birmingham Hoops in backyard A.M. M.D.. & W.G. Lawyer Pharmacist or Orthopedic Surg. My dog Somebody took up for me Comedy N/A N/A-N/A My Dad Don’t Know
8 William Taylor


3-3-87 Walnut Creek, CA Shooting hoops T.W. MLB pitcher No idea Souvenirs & Chinese Food Mom helped with school work when I burnt my finger Comedy/Action Clarinet Not really, Had a crush in 4th grade Crocodile Steve Don’t Know
9 Austin Mark


12-8-86 Birmingham Playing sports T.W. pro QB or SS, G.B.Sports or M.D., A.R. on Broadway Sports or Sports Commentator, or Outdoor Sports Store Baseball Coach Mayo helping me in a positive way after mistakes Action/ little comedy Tuba Looking-6 Hunter Langner No Clue
10 Hunter Lee 10-28-86 Columbus, GA Playing sports MLB This baseball program Comedy N/A N/A too many to count My Dad Possession of Weapons
11 Andrew Lewis 12-29-86 Oklahoma City Playing basketball W.G. M.D., A.R. Band Boy Store Mgr. T.V. & computer Nothing sticks out Comedy N/A N/A-1 A Camp Counselor Prisoner of War
This program is dedicated to the memory of Tyler's dad Ben 8-25-54 to 5-15-2000 and Hunter's grandfather Atlas M. Sawyer 3-4-11 to 1-13-64. Mr. Worley died with lung cancer and Mr. Sawyer died with emphysema, both as a result of a lifetime addiction to Winston cigarettes. (Hello Dennis in SE Alabama)
1 Landon Tyler 3-17-87 Trussville Baseball & Fishing B.A. MLB, Jordan Ross good job (pretty smart) MLB or Lawyer Baseball & glove Coaches told me, I had a good game Comedy/Action N/A N/A-too many to count Crocodile Steve Don’t Know
2 Chase Mitchell 2-17-87 Birmingham Baseball & Internet B.A. MLB, T.H. Webmaster MLB Picture of me Parents gave me some stuff Action/Comedy N/A N/A-N/A Michael Jordan No Clue
3 Jordan Marshall 11-10-86 Birmingham Baseball, Internet, T.V. B.A. MLB, C.C. Good job(pretty smart) Engineer or M.D. Car Dad took me to baseball spring training in Florida Comedy/Action N/A N/A-3 Crocodile Steve Heard before
4 John Joseph 6-7-87 Philadelphia Outside with friends & Internet B.A MLB, C.C. MLB Architect or M.D. Map of solar system, so he could find his way back home This year my classmates elected me The Most Likely Too Succeed Action Clarinet N/A-3 Robin Henderson Prisoner of War
5 Brandon Michael 1-26-87 Louisville, KY Practicing baseball T.H. real estate, J.C. H.S.Coach, C.C.Barons MLB All my trophies Last year Chase Crawford asked me too toss with him at All-Star practice when I was new to Vestavia Hills Comedy N/A N/A- lost count @ 15 Matt Charles No idea
6 Jordan Michael 12-16-86 Birmingham Talking to girls T.H. computer, B.A. MLB

B.S. electronics

NYU Graduate

& Computer work

A computer My mom Drama/Comedy Bass Guitar N/A-30 God No clue
7 Patrick Thomas 12-10-86 Longview, TX Tossing with my brother B.A. MLB, C.C. MLB Don’t know T.V. Compliments from my coach Action Piano N/A-N/A My brother Don’t know
8 Brian Andrew 6-4-87 Birmingham Playing drums B.A. playing or coaching b.b.,

C.C. computer, J.R. marketing

Highly looked upon occupation or sports player American Flag & catcher’s mitt My Grandfather gave me my first baseball glove & bat Action/Comedy Drums N/A-2 The Lord Prisoner of War
9 Jason Tyler 6-12-86 Birmingham Playing sports B.A.MLB, T.H.NFL, J.C.Stand-up-Comedian NBA or MLB My 3 brothers Mom gave me 20 bucks Comedy Trumpet, piano, drums N/A-1 Josh Beard Military things
10 Tyler Raymond 12-10-86 Birmingham Playing sports B.S. Boy Scout Leader, BA MLB, J.R.Food Broker Own a technology business Bible My Mom for everything, always supportive Comedy Guitar N/A 4or5 Crocodile Steve No idea

This is the inside of the May 2001 baseball program between Yankees vs. Cubs  in Birmingham, Alabama. These players were all 14 years old.  Mike Sawyer a tobacco and smoking foe gathered this information by individual interviews.  Each player was asked not to tell the others of the questions. Your thoughts on using this as a tool to witness against tobacco, email Mike

One cardiologist dad told Mike Sawyer that it might be a blessing that only three of our 20 players knew what POW meant. These boys attended one of the top academic middle schools in Alabama. Would you agree with this cardiologist dad? Yes or No

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205-515-1560 or 859-229-5958

(Players last name intentionally deleted for this web page)


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